US Air Force Just Set an All Time Record This Weekend — The Taliban is DONE!

Trump and Mattis are NOT fooling around. The days of terrorists getting to run wild in the world like armed, drunken college kids on spring break is coming to an abrupt halt!

US Air Force bombers shattered Taliban positions this weekend, carrying out the heaviest air campaign yet in a move to roll back Islamist advances in the war-torn country.

According to a spokesperson for the  U.S. Forces-Afghanistan,  a B-52 Stratofortress dropped 24 precision-guided bombs on Taliban training facilities and narcotics processing plants across Northern Afghanistan during a 96-hour air campaign that left jihadi forces crippled and struggling to recover. Other targets of the offensive included a stockpile of stolen Afghan army vehicles and equipment, as well as several improvised explosive device factories.

“The Taliban have nowhere to hide. There will be no safe haven for any terrorist group bent on bringing harm and destruction to this country,” Gen. John Nicholson, a US commander responsible for several units in Afghanistan, told the press.

The Trump administration is also planning to significantly upgrade the abilities of our ground forces in the country, supplementing current numbers with soldiers who had previously been assisting in the fight against ISIS in Iraq. With ISIS forces on the run and local Iraqi security forces finally getting a handle on the situation, the US combat forces are able to deploy elsewhere.

President Trump has long been against the removal of American forces from Afghanistan, and slammed Barack Obama’s decision to pull out as “a hasty withdrawal” that would “create a vacuum that terrorists, including ISIS and al Qaeda, would instantly fill, just as happened before September 11th.”

His words were proven correct when, after the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq and Afghanistan under the Obama administration, radical Islamic forces quickly seized power. This resulted in the rise of ISIS and the return of the Taliban in vast portions of Afghanistan. President Trump, however, has vowed to vanquish the radical groups, and military commanders promise even heavier air campaigns to come as they move to break the back of the once-vaunted mujahadeen guerillas.

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