NYC Spends $50 Million to Protect Citizens from “Religion of Peace” — This is Infuriating!

With radical Islamic terrorists setting their sights on cities throughout the Western world, major urban centers are being forced to take increasingly drastic moves in order to keep their citizens safe. New York City is one such example of this, and Mayor Bill De Blasio has recently announced that he is planning to spend more than $50 million in the new year for anti-vehicle barriers which will be placed in heavily trafficked areas to protect against possible attacks in the future.

“I want to tell you these are the most cowardly kind of attacks – when someone with a vehicle plows into a group of innocent pedestrians. It’s disgusting,” Mayor De Blasio said, announcing the new plans during a speech in Times Square. “But we know there are some out there who mean to do us evil and we will protect against it.”

New York City was the scene of not one, but two vehicle-based attacks last year. The first one, in May, was carried out by Navy veteran Richard Rojas, who plowed his car into a crowd of people near Times Square killing an 18-year-old girl and injuring 20 others. His motive, it was later revealed, was that he wanted to commit suicide by cop. He was arrested and is currently awaiting trial, but in the aftermath of that event, temporary concrete barriers were placed in several locations throughout the five boroughs. These are to be replaced with more permanent, and more aesthetically pleasing steel poles.

The second attack against New York City came on Halloween, when Uzbek immigrant Saifullo Saipov drove a rented truck down a bike lane in Lower Manhattan, killing eight people and wounding many more before finally crashing and being brought into custody. Saipov also remains in prison awaiting trial but has told the media that he swore allegiance to the Islamic State, and was hoping to kill westerners for the jihadi cause.

New York isn’t the only city to have been shattered by vehicle-based attacks either. In the past few years, Stockholm, London, Nice, Berlin, and Barcelona have all fallen victim to terrorists in vehicles, as has the Canadian province of Quebec. As terrorists continue to adapt, so too must our law enforcement, it is just a shame that we now need to alter the very look of our cities in order to prevent acts of terrorism from happening right here in our home country.

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