HA! Pelosi Calls $1,000 Bonus “Crumbs,” — IMMEDIATELY Gets Slapped in Face BY HER OWN WORDS!

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been exposed as the hypocrite she is once again, this time regarding her statements concerning the $1,000 bonuses given to employees across the country as a result of the recent tax reform. According to recently recovered information, Pelosi had once praised former President Barack Obama for giving American workers much less.

Back in 2011, after Obama passed a tax cut that gave Americans on average $40 more on their paychecks, Pelosi claimed a “victory for all Americans” and credited  “Obama’s leadership” for the savings. “160 million Americans will continue to receive their payroll tax cut — nearly $40 per paycheck in the pockets of the average family. I salute the work of the unified House Democratic caucus on behalf of the American people,” she said of the 2011 tax cut, a far cry from the “crumbs” statement she made about the far greater savings provided for by President Trump.

In true Democrat logic, it seems that Pelosi believes that $40 more per paycheck is better than not just a $1,000 bonus, but also better than the pay increases seen by many Americans and the return of tens of thousands of jobs to this country, jobs that had previously gone overseas to escape the crippling taxes levelled upon them by previous administrations.

Hypocritical comments like these are only further showing America just how out of touch the left is with the actual needs of the American people, and shows that they are much happier to sit back and slam anything that President Trump does than actually try and fix anything themselves. And, of course, the “crumbs” comment was just another attempt by the Dems to downplay the massive success that our President is seeing, a success that the Democrats had absolutely no part in bringing about. After all, not one single Democrat voted in favor of the tax bill, and now they are stuck facing the harsh reality of their mistake.

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