The Numbers are In on Illegal Alien Sex Offenders — This is NOT Good for Democrats!

The left is constantly trying tell us that we have nothing to fear from the illegal immigrants pouring into our country each and every day, but according to the latest study from Oregon’s Department of Corrections many of them share one shocking trait: a penchant for sex crimes.

The study, conducted by researcher David Cross, revealed that a whopping 50% of all of the illegal immigrants in state prison where locked away for sexually based offenses. Of those surveyed,  there were 200 cases of sex abuse, 175 cases of rape, and 101 cases of sodomy in the state of Oregon alone. And this is on top of nearly 100  illegal immigrant inmates convicted of homicide.

ICE has since moved to put detainers on 973 illegal inmates in correctional facilities across Oregon, marking them for deportation in the near future, but many cities in the state are fighting tooth and nail to protect their illegal populations, even the criminal ones. Portland, a notorious sanctuary city, is leading the charge to defend the felons. In one of the most remarkable examples of Portland’s failure to protect its citizens, however, is the case of a Mexican illegal who was deported more than 20 times, but returned time and time again to commit crimes against the people of Oregon’s largest city. That man remains in Portland, and is once again on trial after assaulting two women in December.

The real question here is how much more will it take before the Dems on Capitol Hill come to their senses and realize enough is enough. American people are suffering and dying because of this twisted desire to not only let illegal immigrants remain in this country, but to welcome more in with open arms.  Until our government decides to get its act together and finally take a stand, more Americans will die, and our prisons are just going to keep on filling up with more offenders who shouldn’t even be in this country in the first place.

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