N. Korean Defectors Give Horrifying Glimpse Into Life Under Kim Jong Un — Please Pray…

North Korea has been in the news alot recently, and one story that caught the interest of many was that of the young soldier who nearly gave his life in a desperate dash for freedom. Recently, however, another defector from the secretive country known as the “Hermit Kingdom” has come forth, and his stories about what goes on there are nothing short of stomach turning.

North Korean defector Lee Wi-ryeok has come forward recently to give a heartwrenching interview to members of the South Korean press in which he details the tremendous hardships involved in growing up under a repressive dictatorship with hardly enough food to feed its own people. “If a cow excreted kernels of corn in the form of diarrhea, we would rinse them out and eat those,” he told reporters, and if times were really bad, children would have to eat their own head lice in order to survive. “When you bite into lice they would burst with blood,” Lee said, adding that since it was your own blood being recycled back into your body, many felt it was a waste to simply kill the bugs in another way.

And that’s not all. Many of the wonders of modern medicine have also yet to make it across North Korea’s heavily guarded borders and as a result, many of the diseases that we can now treat here in the United States with ease are life-threatening and often cause hugely fatal epidemics there. “After I came to South Korea, I was amazed to learn tuberculosis is a disease that can be treated,” he told his interviewer. “The most serious illness you can get [in North Korea] is probably tuberculosis. If you get tuberculosis, there is no answer. You just die if you get sick.”

And these are just a few of the stories of one man. Who knows what kind of horrors others in his former country have faced, or what actually drove that brave young soldier to risk it all a few weeks ago to get to freedom in South Korea. Reading this also makes you really wonder, could Kim Jong Un just be making up for the fact that he is a complete failure as a ruler with all of these missile tests and threats? We’d love to hear what you think.

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