Dark Religion Gains Following in Liberal California — You’ll Never Guess Who the LA Times is Blaming…

Believe it or not, Satanism appears to be on the rise across areas of Southern California and you’ll never believe who the Los Angeles Times is trying to blame for the uptick in practitioners of the dark arts. According to a recent article on the subject, liberal journalists are somehow trying to connect the rise of Satanism in the state to the election of Donald Trump.

“In November, in the candlelit basement of a house just above the Silver Lake Reservoir, Alexandra James walked over to an altar where her husband, Zachary, waited near a bleached human skull, teeth locked in eternal rictus,” the LA Times article began. “From the altar, she lifted a sword and drew points across his chest while a circle of onlookers watched solemnly (well, a few giggled too). An organist played eerie minor key chords and Alexandra turned to face the group…’On this altar we consecrate swords to direct the fire of our unholy will,’ she said. ‘A human skull, symbol of death. The great mother Lilith created us all, and will destroy us all…‘Hail Satan! Hail Satan! Hail Satan!’ The group chanted back.’”

So, how, exactly, does our President factor into this bizarre scene? Well, according to LA Times writer August Brown, they were created “in service of radical politics, feminist aesthetics and community unity in the divisive time of Trump.” Essentially, according to Mr. Brown, the President’s election has forced believers of certain fringe groups to come together to better resist him and thus the Satanic groups were formed. Now, if this doesn’t serve to highlight the fact that the left is evil, I don’t know what would.

“In these times, a lot of people want to not feel helpless,” Zachary James, a leader of one of the Satanist groups said. “And Lucifer was the original rebel angel.” Ruth Waytz, a member of the official Church of Satan founded by Anton LaVey in the 1960’s, went on to say “Satanism is not now and has never been about seeking inclusion in the herd, but celebrating being apart from it.”

“LaVey formulated Satanism as a resistance to the collectivist ‘resistance’ of the ’60s,” Waytz went on to explain. “His philosophy is one of individual self-empowerment, of a will to power via the manipulation of the carnal and material world. And sometimes that takes unconventional, controversial forms because Satanists are often the outcasts within their externally-defined social groups.”

So, just to recap, members of the leftists “resistance” to Trump are embracing Satan in order to “stand out from the herd”, and are blaming President Trump for pushing them into it. Yup. That sounds like your ordinary liberal logic alright!

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