Lindsey Graham Just Totally Stabbed Trump in the Back — Resign Now!

Senator Lindsey Graham has shown his true colors once again, and like his RINO buddy John McCain, he can’t resist any opportunity to sabotage President Trump and Trump’s supporters. This time Graham is blaming members of the White House staff for the President’s recent decision to maintain a hard line on immigration reform.

Graham made these comments shortly after meeting with President Trump and other key lawmakers to discuss a possible compromise for immigration reform. It is at this meeting that the President also reportedly referred to several developing nations as “sh*thole countries,” a claim which Trump has repeatedly denied.

“I think somebody on his staff gave him really bad advice between 10 o’clock to 12 o’clock on Thursday,” the South Carolina Senator told reporters. “I don’t think he was well served by his staff, but he’s responsible for the way he conducts himself and so am I, but I do believe the staff pretty much missed the mark here.” The more likely scenario, however, was that those within the White House realized that Sen. Graham’s proposals were entirely unfeasible, and their decision left the Senator angry and feeling left out of the proceedings.

Many Washington insiders now suspect that there was actually a much more nefarious reasoning behind Sen. Dick Durbin’s decision to go to the press with the alleged “sh*thole” comment. According to those in the know, Durbin was attempting to paint a picture of the President as prejudiced so that he would be forced to sign off on the Dems DACA deal to prove he wasn’t racist.

Unfortunately for the Dems and their RINO allies, however, the President didn’t fall into their trap, and simply denied ever saying it. Not only that, but he appears to have since doubled down on his resistance to DACA, making any chance for compromise now even more difficult, especially as the March deadline for the bill looms overhead. Better luck next time Dick and Lindsey, and sorry that the Pres didn’t fall into your trap!

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