EXPOSED: Dirty Trick Dems Are Using in Their Memo — This is SLEAZY!

The Democrats have become known for using underhanded tactics to trick the American public, and the memo currently being pushed by Rep. Adam Schiff seems to fit right in with their plans. According to several Washington insiders, the latest memo is in fact a set-up for Capitol Hill Republicans, containing sensitive information that would force the President to redact major sections and allow the left to cry about unfair treatment.

Fox news reporter John Roberts revealed that sources within the Capitol believe that the Democrats have deliberately added top secret information to their memo, which would force the President to make changes in the name of national security. After making these changes, the Dems could then claim that the President was unfairly covering up parts of their memo while allowing the entire Republican one to go through, casting doubts on the document’s credibility.

This theory has also been supported by award winning national security correspondent Sarah Carter, who said her sources have also revealed that the Dems have deviously inserted sensitive information in a bid to cry about censorship when the President removes sections of the note.

The House voted unanimously to declassify the Democrat memo, which was meant to be a counter to the explosive FISA memo. The FISA memo, it should be remembered, exposed the clandestine surveillance operations conducted by members of the FBI and the Obama-era Justice Department against members of the Trump campaign. The President is believed to have received the memo Tuesday afternoon, and will make his announcements on how to proceed with it some time this week.

The Democrats are determined to discredit the FISA memo, but would they really go so far as to jeopardize national security in order to prove a point? Many inside the Capitol believe that they would, but luckily they also do not believe that President Trump will fall for their trap. Trump will, however, need to walk a fine line with his upcoming decision, being sure that he doesn’t reveal any important state secrets, but also being sure to not give the Democrats the platform they are hoping for.

Luckily, there is probably no better man in the world to navigate such a slippery slope, and I for one remain confident that our Commander-in-Chief will make the right choices this week.

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