Corey Booker Rants About Trump On Senate Floor – Sheriff Clarke Makes Him Regret His Words

In typical liberal fashion, Democratic Senator Corey Booker through a fit on the Senate floor this Tuesday, railing against DHS Secretary Kristjen Nielsen for saying she couldn’t remember Trump saying the word “sh*thole” during a meeting about DACA.

“I hurt…I had tears of rage when I heard about his experience in that meeting,” Booker whined during the Senate hearing. “For you not to feel that hurt, and that pain, and to dismiss the questions of some of my colleagues, saying I’ve already answered that line of questions, when tens of millions of Americans are hurting right now because of what they’re worried about what happened in the White House. That’s unacceptable to me.”

Unfortunately for Booker, however, some people simply don’t care that his precious feelings were hurt. And one of those people was Sheriff David Clarke, who took particular issue with the fact that Booker began yelling and at one point even flailing his arms in rage at a female official.

“Ater today’s embarrassing display on the Hill by Sen Booker in dressing down a female Cabinet member,” the sheriff said, “it is apparent to me that Booker lacks the temperament to be a future candidate for President of the United States. if he dressed down a staffer that way, he’d be in trouble.”

And Sheriff Clarke wasn’t alone in this line of thought either. Cyberspace almost immediately erupted in defense of Secretary Nielsen, as user after user tweeted comments slamming the New Jersey Senator for his emotional instability. Others called out the fact that Booker seems to pick and choose when he sheds his tears. “Remember when Cory Booker cried when Kate Steinle got killed by an illegal alien and the illegal alien got away with it? Yeah, me neither,” one Twitter user said. “He cries when Trump says ‘shithole’ though.”

With Booker’s latest antics, it becomes increasingly clear that he might not be the kind of man that should be helping create the laws of our nation. Any man who would throw a temper tantrum like that has no place on Capitol Hill, and after these latest antics some are calling for him to be the next member of the swamp to be pushed out of Washington.

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