JUST IN: Shocking Announcement About Sasha Obama

During Barack Obama’s time in the White House, he tried to keep his daughter Sasha out of the public eye as much as possible. That’s why it came as a surprise this week when the former president opened up about Sasha in a recent interview.

Daily Mail reported that during an interview with David Letterman, Obama recalled the time he showed off his awkward moves on stage with Prince. The former president said that the Kiss singer asked first daughter Sasha on stage during one of his very last performances.

“This was probably three or four months before he died, and Prince asked Sasha to come up and dance,” Obama said.

Obama said that Sasha then pulled him up to join in, which surprised him “because she always mocks my dancing.”

“I have dad moves,” Obama said.

Obama went on to offer advice to fathers everywhere.

“I think the key is what we call staying in the pocket,” the former President explained. “You gotta stay in the pocket, because I think everybody here knows dads who get out of the pocket. And they’re trying stuff that they can’t really pull off.”

Sasha is now a junior in high school in Washington D.C. Obama used his youngest daughter as an excuse to stay in Washington, claiming he wanted to give her the opportunity to finish high school then. However, it’s clear that the reason he stayed in D.C. had nothing to do with Sasha and was instead so that he could oversee a deep state hellbent on removing Trump from the White House.

Last June, the Obama’s through Sasha a lavish star-studded “Sweet 16” party for Sasha’s 16th birthday. Sasha reportedly wore a long, satin red dress by designer Jill Stuart that Nordstrom and Revolve carried online for $398 and $286, respectively.

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