BREAKING: Special Counsel Robert Mueller Shocks The Nation With Major Announcement

Robert Mueller doesn’t want to get caught off-guard if he finds some truly damning evidence that could take down the Trump administration. He, like most of us, are well aware of the litany of loopholes and dated clauses that our government policies are riddled with. And if there were ever a president with the outside resources to exploit such loop holes, Donald Trump is that man.
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One such item that Robert Mueller’s team is researching, is the restrictions of a Presidential Pardon. Mueller, and his crew, do not want Donald to be able to rely on some archaic piece of law that would, potentially, get him or one of his people off with no charge. Heck no. That won’t happen. At least not on Mueller’s watch.

And even if there is some sort of clause that he could try to latch on to, that’s where Mueller and his crack legal team will try to beat him to the punch. Or, at the very least, find a way to counter whatever move he might have up his baggy sleeve. It seems as though this whole investigation is only gaining momentum. Mueller plans on collecting the White House’s documents pertaining to Russia, in addition to holding one-on-one interviews with some of Trump’s top staffers very soon.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is deeply investigating the allegations set forth in the anti-Trump dossier that former British spy, Christopher Steele, produced. A recent Reuters report claims that Mueller’s team has taken over the dossier investigation from the FBI. Several sources have also confirmed to The Daily Caller that Mueller’s squad is now in control of this serious investigation. In case you forgot what was in the Dossier, here is a quick recap:

British spy, Christopher Steele, claims major collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia. According to Newsweek, the dossier also exposes President Donald Trump for a vulgar act that was caught on Tape. Apparently, the Kremlin possesses footage of Donald asking prostitutes to urinate on a bed that Barack and Michelle Obama slept on during a stay in Russia. While the video has yet to be published – and most likely will never see the light of day – it still leaves a damaging impression of our now president. But that’s not all…

The dossier also makes several other important allegations, summarized by Telegraph.
1: Donald Trump’s family has been a Russian intelligence asset for at least five years
2: The Kremlin claims to have embarrassing material that can be used for blackmail against Trump
3: Trump’s team knew about, paid for, and helped cover up the Russian hacking of the DNC
4: Russia allegedly offered Trump’s associates brokerage of 19% of a major oil deal in exchange for the suspension of sanctions against Russia should he win the election.

This should be interesting…

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