Former FBI Agent Steps Forward with Massive Truth Bomb About the Mueller Investigation — He’s 100% Correct!

Anybody with half a brain can see that this Mueller “investigation” is nothing but a politically motivated witch hunt against President Trump and all the American people who voted for him. Naturally, that eliminates all liberals and most of the media from observing the obvious about Mueller’s sham investigation. So, maybe the testimony of this retired FBI agent will help to enlighten them.


Retired FBI agent Bobby Chacon noted that “there is some merit” to the president’s claims of an anti-Trump sentiment within the Department of Justice, evidenced by Strzok’s reassignment from the Mueller probe. When the president claims the Department of Justice is involved in a witch hunt against him, “texts like this give credence to that kind of thing,” he added.

Some have suggested that this development could hurt the credibility of the Mueller investigation, which many of Trump’s allies have already called into question.

Chacon warned that the issue “is going to be fodder for any defense attorney” representing an individual charged as a result of the investigation. “If they can bring up the issue of lack of objectivity in some of the senior investigators and in some of the senior prosecutors on that team, then it’s going to compromise any successful prosecution.”

Chacon bravely asserted that the FBI is now, more than ever, infected with political bias:

“In my 27 years as an FBI agent, I never saw politics infect the upper echelons of the bureau as it has in the last year to 18 months,” Chacon said. His former colleagues who are still at the bureau have reported instances of the executive-level leadership, including McCabe and some officials close to him, “making political statements in meetings and demonstrating a political bias.”

Former FBI agent Jeffrey Danik offered a similar statement:

“The FBI is systemically politically corrupt in its executive level,” Danik stated. “The problem is once these investigations burble up to control in Washington, the propensity to have political motivations ratchets way, way up.”

Chacon did make it a point to differentiate the Mueller team from the rest of the FBI. He said:

Chacon said he understood Trump’s frustration with some of the leadership of the FBI, but it shouldn’t tarnish the entire organization.

“99.9 percent of the FBI agents in the field don’t have anything to do with the [Mueller] investigation, have not been shown to have anti-Trump bias, and are out there working their cases,” he stressed. “Their reputation is intact and it’s not going to rise or fall on a few senior executives up at headquarters who have reached a political point in their careers.”

What do you think of the bias at the FBI? Do you think the President is being unfairly targeted?

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