Trump & Tillerson Just TURNED UP THE HEAT on Kim Jong Un — This Could Get UGLY!

Just days before President Trump departs for a five-nation tour of Asia, his national security advisor HH McMaster made an announcement that is sure to be a topic of conversation abroad and will leave Kim Jong Un shaking his fist in Pyongyang.

After being removed from the Terror Sponsor list in 2008, the Trump administration says that it is looking into measures to place North Korea back on the list, and squeeze of the small bit of trade it still has left with the world.  Currently, the list only includes Iran, Syria, and the Sudan, but that only means that there is plenty of room for one more in the future.

One of the main reasons behind the decision to place the hermit kingdom back on the terror list, aside from all of its nuclear rhetoric and threats against its neighbors, is the assassination that its agents carried out against their leader’s estranged half-brother, Kin Jong Nam. Nam was murdered by a pair of assassins while in an airport in Malaysia. “A regime who murders someone in a public airport using nerve agent, and a despotic leader who murders his brother in that manner, I mean, that’s clearly an act of terrorism that fits in with a range of other actions,” McMaster said about the incident during a meeting with the press.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stands behind the statements made by McMaster, and has said that his office “continues to evaluate whether or not to designate DPRK as a state sponsor of terror,” and plans to have their decision on whether or not to add North Korea to the list by the end of the month.

North Korea is already under extremely heavy sanctions as a result of their decisions to continue pursuing nuclear and ballistic missile technologies. With their placement back on the Terror Sponsor list, the very little trade that is currently allowed will finally be cut off, and maybe then Kim Jong Un and his boys will finally learn what happens when you mess with the United States of America one time too many.

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