Latest Satellite Images of N. Korea Reveal What Kim Jong Un’s Up to Now — This Could Get Ugly!

With one hand North Korea’s Rocketman gives the illusion of coming peace talks and with the other he continues pulling the levers of war.

Independent Journal Review (IJR) reports that earlier reports this week that the United States was considering unleashing targeted “bloody nose” strikes on North Korea amid information received that…surprise, surprise…the Norks were once again preparing to test a missile, which is in clear violation of multiple international resolutions and U.S. sanctions.

According to Twitter user 38 North:

“Recent commercial satellite imagery shows that the North Portal of Punggye-ri is dormant, but there is significant tunneling underway at the West Portal. …”

This, based on recent history, would seem to indicate that the area is being “prepped for a future nuclear test”, says 38 North. Satellite images show that the western entrance to the Punggye-ri nucleartest site is receiving attention from construction and clearance equipment. The northern entrance, at least at this time, seems to remain unused.

Just this past week, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley noted that it appeared that the Norks were ramping up for another test.

“I hope that doesn’t happen,” Haley commented.

“If”, IJR writes, “the report from 38 North proves to be correct, we may see the conflict between North Korea and the U.S. reach a whole new level.”

Let’s hope the test goes like the one last April:

What do you think? Is fatboy Kim up to his old tricks?

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