Trump Gives An Emotional Reminder To All Americans About Why We Should Stand For Our Flag

This Thursday President Donald Trump tweeted out an image showing all Americans why it is so important to stand for our flag in remembrance those who sacrificed their lives for this country and gave us all a sharp reminder why the NFL anthem controversy was so important and why so many felt so strongly about it.

The image, which was originally tweeted by Twitter user @CoreyLMJones, shows a woman next to her baby, laying on a blanket and mourning over the grave of a loved serviceman who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. Beneath the image, the user had typed the caption “We stand to honor those who fought and died defending the greatest nation the world has ever known. God bless our vets! #MAGA”

Shortly after its initial posting, the tweet caught the attention of President Donald Trump, who promptly shared it with his followers, adding “So beautiful…Show this picture to the NFL players who still kneel!” reminding Americans exactly which side fo the argument he was on, and showing us all who really comes first in his heart.

The national anthem controversy that rocked the NFL has largely left the forefront of national news coverage and has received relatively little reporting in the mainstream media as of late, but it certainly still hasn’t gone away. In fact, in the past week, Week 17 of the season, 19 players decided to take a knee in protest of our flag and our national anthem. Certainly a far cry from the entire teams who were taking part in the kneeling at the beginning of the season, but still a stark reminder that those who disrespect our country are still very much present, and still occupy time on our television networks each and every week.

On the plus side of things, however, it seems like the NFL is really feeling the sting the resulted from fan boycotts due to their mishandling of the controversy. According to analysts, viewership is down by 10% from last year overall, meaning that a whopping 1.6 million fewer people were watching games this season as opposed to previous years. Perhaps that is enough to get them to take action next year, and maybe finally get their act together for the 2018 season.

Share this with your friends and neighbors to let them know that our President still remembers those who disrespected our nation, and show them that, even if those on television don’t, he still supports our troops and everything that our flag stands for.