Senator Jeff ‘Flakey’ Just Removed Any Doubt He’s a Democrat in Disguise — Trump’s Been Right All Along…

RINO Senator Jeff Flake from Arizona revealed his true colors on Monday and admitted on the Senate floor precisely what concerned conservatives have long suspected. The junior United States Senator let it be known that the establishment Republicans have a vastly different immigration agenda than President Trump…

In his statement on the floor, “Flakey” said that Trump “won’t get everything” he wants in a deal with the GOP establishment and Democrats. The president is looking to trade some form of DACA amnesty for border wall funding and an end to the Diversity Visa Lottery and chain migration programs.

Check out what Flake said, per Breitbart:

Deals like this, where you need 60 votes necessarily involve compromise. No party, no individual is going to get everything that they want; the White House won’t get everything they want, the Democrats in Congress won’t, and neither will the Republicans. This will be a compromise. I’m simply suggesting tonight – let’s get real about the time involved between now and when we have to fix this, and not think that we can simply kick the can down the road and put in some temporary fix, some kind of bridge later that will protect these kids… Let’s all get serious, Republicans and Democrats – not coming forward to the table with unrealistic expectations about what can be part of this legislation. Let’s have something that we can put on the Senate floor by the end of the month to have sufficient time to get this fixed by March 5th. 

Flake’s assertion that Trump’s pro-American immigration policies are “unrealistic expectations” comes right out of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s standard anti-Trump speech.

Senator “Flakey” might as well just turn in his GOP membership card now and start buying some blue ties.

Chain migration, as Breitbart News reported, has “imported more than nine million foreign nationals to the U.S. in the last decade, exceeding two years of American births.”

The Diversity Visa Lottery, whereby the federal government gives out 50,000 visas randomly to foreigners every year, has “imported nearly 30,000 foreign nationals from terrorist-funding countries since 2007,” Breitbart News reported.

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