Lib Troll Called Trump “Anti-Military” — Benghazi Hero Lit Up the Sky with a Sizzling Response

U.S. Army Ranger and Benghazi survivor Kris “Tanto” Paronto did what most people with social media do on New Year’s Eve, and took to his Instagram account to wish his friends and followers a happy New Year. What he wasn’t expecting, however, was for a leftist troll to be lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce on anything the war hero had to say.

The drama began to unfold after former baseball player and current political commentator Curt Schilling responded to Kris’ post, writing “God Bless you, your fallen brothers and sisters, their families, and all those serving abroad #USA #MAGA.” This friendly exchange, however, seemed to be simply too much for one leftist Instagrammer, who decided to use the moment as an opportunity to attack the current administration. “Trump cut their benefits and raised their taxes. Good job” the user said.

Well, Paronto was not just about to let that offense slide. He immediately fired back with a scorching hot take of his own, writing “Hillary and Barack left me, my team, and thirty other Americans to die soo….nice try sh*t show.” That seemed to quell the liberal beast for the time being, and many were quick to applaud the decorated warrior for his response.

Paronto, it should be remembered, is well known for going on the offensive against the looney left, and has no problems telling it like it is. He has been particularly outspoken against radical Islam, which he believes was allowed to grow unchecked under the previous administration. “Radical Islam is at war with America, and we are slowly losing,” Mr. Paronto said during an interview with The Washington Times in 2016. “From Benghazi to Orlando, we are seeing the deadly consequences of President Obama and Secretary [Hillary] Clinton’s ‘leading from behind’ and their willful blindness towards the threat of radical Islam.”

“My weapon now is my voice, not a gun anymore,” Mr. Paronto went on to tell the Times, promising that he would continue to fight for what he believes is right, whether it be on the battlefields of the Middle East, the halls of Capitol Hill, or within the vast expanse of cyberspace.

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