Anti-Trump Hollywood Just Got DEVASTATING News — Liberals in SHOCK!

Hollywood elitists just got a lesson about how to treat the common American, and they got it in a big way. According to the latest numbers, theater attendance has hit a 24 year low, and many blame the decline in moviegoers on Tinseltown’s constant attempt to force left wing ideals down our throats.

The National Alliance of Theater Owners, an organization which monitors theater attendance and helps set ticket prices, reported that there were almost a hundred million fewer tickets purchased in the summer of 2017 compared to 2016. That’s right, almost a hundred MILLION. And not just that, but numbers over the course of the rest of the year were also substantially lacking

Experts believe that this dramatic decline in ticket sales comes in large part from an overall disillusion with Hollywood, coupled with skyrocketing ticket sales. As the numbers continue to decline, however, many suspect that theater owners will further raise prices to make up their bottom line, pushing even more people away from the theaters. Afterall, who wants to pay almost $20 for a movie when you can wait a few months and see it for free?

Hollywood’s constant attempt to spread liberal propaganda is finally starting to backfire as more and more Americans begin coming to their senses and realizing exactly what is at stake if the leftists get there way. So will Hollywood finally listen to reason and change their ways? Not likely, according to those in the know.

As Christopher Malagasi of the Conservative Book Club explains, the people in Hollywood “are not political scientists and economists; they’re actors and actresses. They’re not recognized or rewarded in their industry for their knowledge of Keynes or Hayek, or of Paine or Burke. They’re talented because they have a unique gift in the theater arts and bring to life stories and characters in books or manuscripts.” In other words, they have no real idea how politics work, they only know how they want it to work.

Malagasi goes on to explain that any change in the way liberal Hollywood is unlikely because the “hierarchy of the entertainment industry is made up of powerful liberal executives that make and break careers for these people. Unlike other industries, you’re legally allowed to be refused a job based on your skin color, race, sex, political affiliation, or ethnicity, and there’s nothing they can do about it.” Basically, if you disagree with what the bigwigs think, they can and will fire you. And unfortunately, the bigwigs all seem to lean left.

Maybe, just maybe, now that their bank accounts are starting to get hit, the Hollywood elites might try to rein in their desperate political rants. They might not change their minds, but with any luck they will stop trying to force their ideas on us at every opportunity. And that, at least, is a victory in my book.

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