Alan Dershowitz Just Exposed Robert Mueller’s Secret Plan — Nobody Saw This Coming!

Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz is one of the sharpest legal minds in the country. After the FBI raided Michael Cohen’s office on Monday, Mr. Dershowitz made some headlines himself by revealing Robert Mueller’s end game.

It’s obvious that Mueller’s Russia collusion probe is a political witch hunt, but it’s never been exactly clear what his intentions are… Does he want to impeach the president? Or maybe just discredit him?

And can a sitting president even be charged with a crime?

Here’s the scoop from our friends at Breitbart:

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz reacted to the raid of Trump attorney Michael Cohen by stating, “this is a very dangerous day today for lawyer-client relations.”

Dershowitz said, “Look, this is a very dangerous day today for lawyer-client relations. I deal with clients all the time. I tell them on my word of honor that what you tell me is sacrosanct. And now they say, just based on probable cause, even though there was cooperation with Cohen, they can burst into the office, grab all the computers, and then give it to another FBI agent, and say, ‘You’re the firewall. We want you now to read all these confidential communications, tell us which ones we can get and which ones we can’t get.’ You know, if this were — the shoe were on the other foot, if this were Hillary Clinton being investigated, and they went into her lawyer’s office, the ACLU would be on every television station in America jumping up and down. The deafening silence of the ACLU and civil libertarians about the intrusion into the lawyer-client confidentiality is really appalling.”

Here’s more from The Hill:

Attorney Alan Dershowitz said he thinks special counsel Robert Mueller‘s goal is to produce a report in the hopes that Congress moves to impeach President Trump.

“I think that’s the plan,” Dershowitz told Fox News’s Sean Hannity, when asked about Mueller’s ultimate endgame.

Dershowitz added that he doesn’t believe Trump should “plead the fifth.”

“If he pleads the fifth, Mueller gives him immunity and then he has to testify and immunity doesn’t cover impeachment,” Dershowitz said. 

Mueller is investigating Russian election interference and possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Dershowitz’s comments come after the FBI on Monday raided the office of Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

Do you think Mueller
will be able to get Trump impeached?