S. Dakota Mom Sent Letter to Melania — Shocked When She Got the Best News of Her Life

While watching a special on HGTV about decorating the White House in previous years, South Dakota native and designer Candace Schumacher wrote a letter to First Lady Melania Trump asking if she could be one of the 75 volunteers chosen to turn the White House into a Winter Wonderland.

Since 1889, the White House has celebrated Christmas by decorating the People’s house with tokens to our Judeo-Christian heritage and colonial beginnings. All of that came to an end under Obama, with Michelle instituting the bland and valueless theme of “The Gift of the Holidays”, which held up multiculturalism over the birth of Christ.

This year’s theme, done in part to honor the class of former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, was revealed on November 17 by Melania in a tweet that read, “This year’s @WhiteHouse Christmas booklet is in printing! Excited to receive the beautiful tree Monday! #ChristmasTraditions.”

Schumacher is quoted by Conservative Media as saying, “There was no application or anything. I just said I was interested in decorating the White House. There was no response [to her letters to the First Lady] and my kids kept telling me it was such a long shot. If you want to do something, you have to go for it or else it’s just a wish. You don’t want any regrets. You have to see what you can do in life.”

In October, Schumacher received a letter from the Office of the First Lady stating that she had been chosen as a volunteer. She will spend November 23 to 27 turning the White House into a huge display of Christmas pride. The volunteers will be split up into groups and put in charge of decorating one area each of the White House. With Melania in charge, it is sure to be a classy and breathtaking scene.

Schumacher, eager to begin, is quoted as saying: “I’m so humbled and grateful for this opportunity. Hundreds of thousands of people will be seeing this on TV and it’s such an honor to represent Watertown and South Dakota as well. I’m proud for Watertown and South Dakota. I don’t think another person from the state has ever done this before.”

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