REVEALED: Secret Way Melania Trolled Michelle with Christmas Decorations — This is Awesome!

Melania Trump’s spectacular White House Christmas decorations captured the hearts of millions of Americans when they were unveiled earlier this month, but there was one thing that many might not have noticed, and some say it was the best touch of all: candy! That’s right, in stark contrast to the healthy eating kick that her predecessor enforced, Melania is giving children what they really want in the form of sugary goodness, and left traces of it all over the White House for one final laugh at the former First Lady.

Have a look for yourself and try and count all of the different candy based ornaments and decorations that Melania hit all around the historic White House Red Room.

But wait! There’s more!!!

Even the decorations on the Christmas tree were made of candy!

And if that wasn’t enough, Melania made sure that she was thinking of the kids, giving them something much better than the salad and greens that Michelle Obama tried to make them all eat back when she was living at 1600 Pensylvania Avenue. During this year’s Christmas party, Mrs. Trump sat down with a group of youngsters and helped them to make some candy themed decorations of their own, and of course, she brought plenty of snacks! Just look at that bowl of gumdrops on the table there!

It seems that, as if we already didn’t know it, Melania and Michelle could not be more different. Whereas Michelle tried to strictly enforce a healthy eating regimen on the children of America, despite their mass objections, Melania knows that it is important to sometimes just let kids be kids.

Most people might have been happy enough to just enjoy the magical, real-life Candyland that Melania was able to create in the White House, but it is really something of genius once we notice the subtle slams directed at Michelle Obama that were hidden just below the surface. As if we didn’t already have enough reasons to love the Trump’s, we now have one more thing to add to our list!!

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