Melania’s Outdoor Christmas Display Plans Revealed — Liberals are Freaking Out!

Christmas time is once again upon us, but at least this time it will not be mocked by the President as it was with Obama.

The Conservative Media writes that the former president “was never the one to respect tradition and the ideal behind Christmas, and even had Chinese symbols hanged around the White House, sending America a clear message of how Obama stole Christmas.”


Combine with this Michelle Obama’s drive to promote a ‘multicultural’ mash up of faux Christmas-related events and what you have is eight years of the liberal perversion of what is great about Christianity.

Earlier this month, First Lady Melania Trump revealed the theme for this year and it is based on recalling the class of former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

Melania has done a great job decorating the White House as you can tell from the video below:

This year, during “the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, nationally known entertainers and a military band perform and the President brings a message of peace to the nation and the world. Academy Award-winner Reese Witherspoon will host this year’s event. The National Christmas Tree and the Pathway of Peace will be open [through] January 1, 2018, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Seasonal displays include a Yule log, a large-scale model train, and a Christmas manger,” reports Conservative Media.

The planned Christian-based festivities have liberals howling. After Obama banned the nativity from the White House and all federal governmental buildings, the return of these displays has the Left and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) fuming.

According to Conservative Media, the ACLU is planning to drop a lawsuit on the administration ostensibly for its advocacy of a religion.

Like it or not, this country was built on Christian principles. Liberals have tried to replace God and our nation’s religious and moral traditions with their own warped sense of right and wrong.

Also from the Conservative Media website:

“To conservatives and downright patriots, the word and spirit of God are ever-present, and we will not allow diminishing theories to keep us away from loving our religion, belief system and values.
In the past eight years, America has seen nothing but division, stubbornness, and hypocrisy by Obama and liberals in general, but it’s high time that stopped. We’re on the path of building a stronger, fierce America and taking us there is the power of God and our faith.”

Amen to that and… Merry Christmas!

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