LIBTARD Haters Attack First Lady Melania on Christmas… And Then THIS Happens!

Our glamorous and beautiful First Lady Melania can’t help it if she rocks a selfie or looks good in her designer gowns! Despite all of her charity work and family-oriented events she hosted this Christmas, the liberal mainstream media focused in one silly thing and tried desperately to make it an issue.

First Lady Melania posted a selfie on Christmas and predictably, liberal haters in the Twitter-verse (and beyond) had something to say about it. Nevermind that the innocent tweet got over 80,000 likes and was retweeted over 14,000 times.

Checkout the unwarranted criticism, from IB Times:

“Seriously Melania??? That photo is excessively TACKY!!! Zero class in this,” a critic shared, calling out the First Lady over the Christmas selfie that was shared on the official Flotus twitter and Instagram account.

“Incredibly tacky and an insult to the position of First Lady. #embarrassing #trumpban,” a second user tweeted, as someone else chimed in, “Are you the FLOTUS or a Kardashian? Good Lord.”

A critic sarcastically added, “wow! Extremely First Lady-ish! How I miss Michelle Obama!” Speaking of sarcasm, some social media users didn’t even hesitate to use harsh words to criticise the First Lady’s latest selfie.

“Why do I immediately think that this is a cover of a “Playboy” magazines?” one follower of the Flotus shared in the comments section, to which another responded, “Because it looks exactly like the cover of a Playboy Magazine. Just a guess.”

But the last laugh is definitely on the critics… A recent Gallup poll put Melania’s favorability rating at 54 percent, so it’s not difficult to imagine why her every move gets a lot of coverage.

President Trump and First Lady Melania spent part of Christmas Eve having a teleconference with hundreds of members of all five branches of the military. They praised their efforts against ISIS and wished them a very Merry Christmas.

Then, POTUS and FLOTUS took phone calls from children across the country on the NORAD Santa Tracking line. The White House later released candid pictures of them on the phone with the excited children.

Do you think the criticism of First Lady Melania is unfounded?

How does she compare to Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, or Hillary Clinton?