Liberal Mag Circulates Smear Story About Melania, Then Trump Finally Had Enough — This Could Get Ugly!

Vanity Unfair has taken up the baton of participating in the never-ending smearing of the Trump family, with its article entitled, “’SHE DIDN’T WANT THIS COME HELL OR HIGH WATER’: INSIDE MELANIA TRUMP’S SECRETIVE EAST WING: Understanding the most enigmatic First Lady—and unusual marriage—in modern political history.”

The story uses the usual amalgamation of unnamed sources and hypotethicals to portray First Lady Melania Trump as despising her husband’s elevation to President and her accompanying role as First Lady.

Yeah, she looks unhappy:

Peppered liberally throughout the insignificant piece by ‘reporter’ Srah Ellison are words like ‘longtime family friend’,  ‘rumors’, ‘East Wing aide’, ‘current and former White House staffers’, as well as ‘friends and advisers’. Not one individual backing up the narrative put forth by Vanity Unfair was named. Not one!

Conservative Fighters reports that a day after the smear document was published President Trump came to his wife’s defense, tweeting, “Melania, our great and very hard working First Lady, who truly loves what she is doing, always thought that ‘if you run, you will win.’ She would tell everyone that, ‘no doubt, he will win.’ I also felt I would win (or I would not have run) – and Country is doing great!”

Oddly enough, Trump’s claim may have been confirmed in the Vanity article and by a NAMED source.

Roger Stone, a political operative and frequent advisor to Trump, states that Melania pushed Trump to make up his mind on whether to run.


“She was very clearly the one who said, ‘Either run or don’t run. Your friends are tired of this striptease. Every four years you talk about it,’” Stone paraphrases Melania as saying in 2014. Her advice never hinted at the possibility that he would lose.

Melania’s spokesman fired back at Vanity while discussing the article with journalist Kate Bennett. It was a great slap down:


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