Comparison: Melania’s First White House Christmas vs Michelle’s Last — The Difference is Stunning!

It is undeniable that First Lady Melania Trump brings a level of class and sophisticated, yet eye-pleasing elegance to the White House. Her sense of fashion, her etiquette and grace contrasts jarringly with Michelle Obama’s crassness, shabiness and her apparent begrudging resignation to pay homage to a nation she hates.

The Conservative Fighters notes that Christmas in the White House has exacerbated this difference. “Melania decorated the White House to look like a peaceful and magical place, with white lights and trees, and traditional decorations,” the site reports.

And they are right.

Treated by Michelle as a wallflower to be dusted off for the month of December, Melania has transformed the entire White House into an astounding winter wonderland. Every room has received her personal touch that was brought to life by 75 volunteers from 20 states across the nation.

Michelle had hired expensive “professional” decorators to create a scene that resembled the sparse festive decorations of a house in foreclosure.

Fighters writes that “Michelle hired a team of Lego builders to build the 56 gingerbread houses from approximately 200,000 Lego pieces. Because nothing says Christmas like Legos. The other Christmas decorations were just huge toys.”

(Really? You stay classy Michael, uh, Michelle)

Melania outclassed and out-thought Michelle and did so by spending far less.

Noticeably absent from the Obama “decorations” was any mention of Christ’s primary role in the holiday. Even the Christmas Cards sent out by the two presidential families showed Obama’s shameful hatred of Christianity, notes Infowars.

The one belonging to the Obama’s says, ‘Happy Holidays’ and goes on to say how the family loved living in the house that slaves built. Trump’s proudly read, ‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’.

Obama could not find time to issue a Christmas message, but he did issue one for the faux-holiday called Kwanza. This did not escape the notice of Trump, even back in 2011.

“What a convenient mistake: @BarackObama issued a statement for Kwanza but failed to issue one for Christmas.”

Thankfully, that is now being corrected by a respectful and humble First Lady.

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