JUST IN: Megyn Kelly was just hit with a devastating blow when it was announced that NBC has effectively cancelled one of her shows.

Daily Mail reported that NBC has announced that Kelly’s Sunday night television show will return only “periodically” in the Spring instead of airing weekly. When Kelly joined NBC in January of 2017 with a $23 million contract, the network announced that she would have a weekly Sunday night talk show as well as a morning show airing at 9am on weekdays. However, since she started at the network in the fall, ratings for both of her shows have been abysmal at best.

This is just the latest piece of bad news Kelly has received this year, as last month she was left at home while the rest of the NBC team was flown to South Korea to cover the Winter Olympics.

Things got even worse for Kelly last week, when a former Fox News makeup artist who was with the network for 20 years before retiring in 2016 said that Kelly is “extremely mean and rude to women” who work on “Megyn Kelly Today.”

“She’s disrespectful,” said former makeup artist Iren Halperin. “She’s not for women. She’s extremely mean and rude to women.”

Halperin recalled an incident in which Kelly tried to kick another female reporter out of a makeup chair so she could be done first, and that the former Fox News host would often lie to management just to get her way.

“I told her, ‘Please have a seat in the greenroom or start your hair first,’ ” Halperin said. “And she said, ‘No. I want to get done and want to get done now.’ Megyn snapped her finger and pointed at the reporter and said, ‘You, get out of the chair.’”

Kelly eventually ended up getting her way.

“The next day my boss called me. Megyn went and lied to management and said, ‘[Iren] can’t come in on time because she has child-care issues,’” said Halperin

Halperin and another makeup artist requested to be assigned to different anchors at the network after negative interactions with Kelly.

“She was difficult and demanding,” Halperin added. “And if you didn’t do what she wanted, she would try to get you in trouble.”

NBC sources have agreed with this, saying that Kelly runs a tense set, with some staffers frequently leaving in tears.

“She is hated inside the ‘Today’ show and is seen as tarnishing the brand, out-of-control and selfish,” an NBC source told Page Six Kelly, who NBC paid a reported $23 million to bring to their network. “The general feeling is that she will not last three years.”

However, a different source claimed that the allegations made by the former make up artist are “totally garbage.”

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