Trump-hater and liberal darling Meghan Markle is boiling in hot water! One might think that Prince Harry and his bride-to-be would be on cloud nine planning their royal wedding, but all is not well at Buckingham Palace. It’s been recently reported that the 33-year-old prince has been blackmailed for $1.8 million dollars to keep his fiance’s past for coming out.

Check it out, per Yahoo:

“The message was very clear: Harry, if you want to protect Meghan’s privacy, it’ll cost you a pretty penny,” a source who claims to have seen a private email sent to the palace revealed.

“Otherwise, this disgraceful person promised to release damaging information on Meghan until they were financially set for life.”

However, if the person thought they would easily extort the money from the royal, they were sorely mistaken, as Prince Harry is doing everything in his power to protect Meghan.

“Harry is incredibly protective and will defend his bride at all costs, but these intimidation tactics just won’t fly with the palace,” the source said.

And that’s not all, either!

This comes right on the heels of the explosive news that activists are planning a massive protest outside Windsor Castle on Harry and Meghan’s big day.

Apparently, the activists are going to dress up as homeless people to bring awareness to the fact that people living on the streets were removed from the area prior to the wedding!

Oh, Meghan’s going to hate that!

The Facebook event for the protest has already garnered 2,500 people who are planning on attending and dressing up.

Another event, promoted by the same organization, is being called the “Royal Sleepover.” People are planning on sleeping in the streets so they can disrupt the morning activities.

Unfortunately for Ms. Markle, karma is no respecter of persons or privilege. She made it her priority to skewer the 45th President of the United States in the press when she knew little to nothing about the situations she was even commenting on.

It takes guts, courage, and determination to wake up and do the most important job on Earth. If the liberals and their mainstream media good squad would just let the man do the work he was elected to do, they and the country would be far better off.

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