Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to get with the program or resign! He’s been in the news over the last couple of months for literally doing nothing while Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller, James Comey, and many others get away with treason.

And what’s he occupying his time with? Well, for starters, he recused himself from the Russia collusion probe and left the president twisting in the wind. Then, he goes off on some half-baked crusade against marijuana, the result of which will have absolutely no effect and probably damage states’ rights.

In keeping with his tradition of foolish ineptitude, the former senator from Alabama made a speech on Tuesday honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This is laughable considering Mr. Session’s past with not only Dr. King and his causes, but his family as well.

“I regularly saw raw, unvarnished discrimination against a whole people because of the color of their skin,” Sessions said on Tuesday. “I can remember riding on an all-white school bus and passing every morning an all-black school bus. Just one look at the buses was enough to know that separate was not equal.”

Dr. King’s life, Attorney General Sessions added, “changed hearts and minds. Those changed souls then changed the laws of this land.”

One of those laws – the Voting Rights Act of 1965 – Mr.Sessions called “intrusive” last year. In 2013, when the Supreme Court struck down parts of the law, he called it “good news… for the South.”

Sessions’ backwards stance on voting rights has led to many accusations of racial bias over the years. Dr. King’s widow actually wrote a letter in 1986 to Congress opposing Sessions’ federal judge nomination!

“The irony of Mr. Sessions’ nomination is that, if confirmed, he will be given a life tenure for doing with a federal prosecution what the local sheriffs accomplished twenty years ago with clubs and cattle prods,” she wrote. “I believe his confirmation would have a devastating effect on not only the judicial system in Alabama, but also on the progress we have made toward fulfilling my husband’s dream.”

Testimony during the nomination process alleged that Mr. Sessions called groups like the NAACP “un-American” and forced “civil rights down the throats of people.” He also supposedly referred to his black assistant as “boy” and said a white lawyer was a “disgrace to his race” for representing black clients.

So, it’s a little ridiculous to have Attorney General Jeff Sessions praising Dr. Martin Luther King Jr… How about this novel idea? Instead of empty political grandstanding, why don’t you prosecute the real criminals like Hillary Clinton and James Comey?

Is that really to much to ask?

Or should President Trump just fire your worthless hide and replace you with someone who will do their job?!

What do you think about Jeff Sessions
sticking his foot in his mouth?

Why isn’t he doing his job?