Trump Makes Huge Move Behind the Scenes to Rid US of Illegals — Liberals are Fuming!

President Trump’s crusade to strengthen immigration laws in order to protect American citizens has produced results as well as a new challenge.

According to SperoNews more illegals in this country have been arrested this year than last, with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency apprehending 226,000 criminal aliens so far this year.

“However, so far this year,” reports SperoNews, “it has deported fewer illegal immigrants.”

The fall in deportations is not a cause for concern or suspicion. As Spero notes, the “drop in the numbers is due in part to the lower number of persons seeking to cross the U.S. border illegally.”

With the 6 percent in illegal alien arrests, comes the growing case load for immigration courts. The burden, 600,000 back-logged cases, has slowed down the hearing of cases which ripples out to a slowdown in deportations.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent a memo to the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) saying that 50 more judges would be added to border immigration courts. In the next half year, Sessions said sixty more judges would be added in the hope of cutting the caseload by half within a few years.

The crushing avalanche of cases was caused by Obama, writes American Renaissance (AmRen).

Citing the observations of a Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) spokesman, AmRen writes that “the Obama administration sent a clear signal to people trying to cross the border without permission that they could stay — at least temporarily — if they uttered the phrase ‘credible fear’ [of persecution if they returned home] to border agents.”

This fact has not filtered down to the media, which continues to blame Trump for the growing caseload.

How original.

Unlike Obama, and George W. Bush for that matter, Trump has done more than just pay lip service to our border situation, he’s taken a stand — often against members of his own party — to make sure that we build a wall and stop the influx of illegals into this country.

This push to add more judges to the system to hear these cases ensures that fewer people who are caught will slip through the cracks in the system. It just goes to show you what a mess Obama had made of things. After all this isn’t a sudden shortage of judges, this has been going on for a while.

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