Sessions Just Dropped the Hammer on Deadly MS-13 Gang — Guess Who’s Protecting Them

What is it that liberals have against law and order? They’re constantly in a tizzy to write new laws that limit the freedoms of every day Americans, but don’t want to lift a finger to get dangerous killers and thugs off the street! Heck, they don’t even want to keep them out of the country! Ahh… the blessings of identity politics.

Fortunately, President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are out to change that. Naturally, liberals are furious.

On Tuesday Sessions held a press conference to lay down the new law of the land. For eight long years under the Obama regime, this country let anyone just walk through the borders and commit serious crimes here. Then, that negligent administration enacted policies to safeguard those very criminals!

Well, now that we’ve got President Trump in office, those days are long gone…

Attorney General Jeff Sessions called out Baltimore for its sanctuary city policies this Tuesday. The former senator from Alabama claimed city leaders are helping to facilitate criminal activity by the MS-13 gang!

“We know MS-13 in the region here is responsible for a quite a number of the most brutal murders,” Sessions told reporters. “I see no justification whatsoever for any city, any jurisdiction, any state, to take the view that someone who enters the country illegally and then commits some other crime should be protected from federal law to be deported. I feel very strongly about that.”

Check it out, per Daily Caller:

The comments came as Sessions and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen appeared in Baltimore to discuss recent efforts to combat MS-13, an international criminal organization with more than 10,000 members across the U.S.

Baltimore is one of dozens of jurisdictions across the country that prevents local police from working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to deport any illegal immigrants they arrest. Sessions argues these policies only release dangerous illegal immigrants back onto the streets, rather than allowing ICE agents to exercise their lawful duty to deport them.

Sessions also cited Baltimore’s skyrocketing murder rate, which passed 2016’s count of 318 before the end of November. The city’s homicides spiked in 2015 during riots protesting the death of Freddie Gray. 2015 saw 344 homicides, a number second only to 1993, when the city had 100,000 more residents than it does today.

MS-13 originated in Los Angeles, California in the 1980s. The gang later spread to many parts of the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Members of MS are characterized by tattoos covering the body, sometimes including the face, and by the use of their own sign language. They are notorious for their merciless retribution and were recruited by the Sinaloa Cartel to battle against Los Zetas in their ongoing drug war in Mexico.

Their wide-ranging activities have drawn the attention of the FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who have initiated wide-scale raids against known and suspected gang members, arresting hundreds across the country.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ latest efforts are a part of a broader push by the Trump administration to limit illegal immigration and tackle violent crime. We applaud your efforts Mr. Sessions!


What do you think of sanctuary cities like Baltimore protecting MS-13?

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