President Trump Just Went THERMONUCLEAR on Muslim ‘Refugees’ — Liberals Are In Shock!

Since his emergence as a serious presidential candidate, Donald Trump has made immigration reform and secure borders his singular issue. He has emphatically stated, over and over, that it is dangerous and contrary to national security to have random, undocumented illegals streaming into the country!

On December 15th of this year, President Trump reiterated this theme once again and specifically addressed the dangers of chain migration following the failed attempt by jihadist Akayed Ullah to set off a bomb in New York.

Ullah was able to enter the country in 2011 as a result of Obama-era chain migration in order to live with his mother and sibling.

Up until the 195os, the United State’s immigration policies were predicated on migrants having highly sought occupational skills.

Then, as the Washington Free Beacon reports, it changed to a policy focusing on reunifying families disrupted by immigration. This exploded into the disastrous 1965 decision by Democrats to overhaul our immigration policy entirely by placing an emphasis on chain-migration.

Check it out:

Chain migration, the White House said in its release, reduces skill in the labor force by bringing in large numbers of low-skilled laborers, who in turn drive down the price of their work, further reducing employment for low-skilled citizens and driving down wages. It may also place a burden on federal and state social services resources, further exacerbating state and federal deficit and debt.

Harvard immigration economist George Borjas has provided evidence for the common-sense notion that an increase in the supply of low-skilled labor depresses low-skilled wages. His analysis of the decennial census between 1960 and 2010 suggested that a 10 percent increase in a skill group due to immigration leads to a 3-4 percent drop in the wage rate.

This, Borjas argues, is why many Americans refuse to take jobs staffed by immigrants: because immigrants are willing to do more work for less money, often because of illegal labor practice.

Tom Broadwater, president of labor advocacy group Americans4Work, told the Washington Free Beacon that he sees chain migration as part of a broader overall threat to the wellbeing of America’s least-privileged citizens.

During his weekly address, Trump continued with his criticism of chain migration:

“It is time to create a merit-based immigration system that makes sense for a modern economy—selecting new arrivals based on their ability to support themselves financially and to make positive contributions to U.S society. Base it on love of our country. We want people that come in, that can love our country.”

Referencing the terror plot in New York, Trump stressed that chain-migration represents a threat to national security… The Obama days of Muslims sauntering through our ports without any documentation are over! That’s exactly why the President is supporting Senator Tom Cotton’s “Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy Act’’ (RAISE).

God bless you, President Trump!

What do you think of President Trump’s commitment to reform our broken immigration system?