“Dicky” Doubles Down on Putting Illegals Ahead of American Citizens — “Civil Rights Issue of Our Time…”

Liberal looney toon Dick Durbin seems to be working overtime to ensure that illegal immigrants are treated better than American citizens, even going so far as to claim that “the issue of immigration, the issue of dreamers, is the civil rights issue of our time.” Looks like he doesn’t care all that much about the other issues he and his leftist cronies have been fighting for after all.

With millions of Americans still living in poverty, and minority groups constantly claiming to be struggling for equal rights, it’s interesting that Durbin would say that THIS is the civil rights issue of our time, and not…say…the pro-life movement, homeless vets, or any of the other countless problems that our country still faces. Not a good hill to die on if you ask me, Dick. Not a good hill at all.

Oh, and while we are on the topic of civil rights battles of our time, why don’t we actually look at some of the real civil rights issues playing out right in Dick Durbin’s home state of Illinois. As the Chicago Tribune was helpful in pointing out, “the unemployment rate for African-Americans in Illinois is 10 percent. That’s the highest of any state, according to the Economic Policy Institute.” The paper goes on to say that “as more African-Americans in other states come off the unemployment rolls, many of those who live in Illinois are left behind.”

Hmm…I wonder if the fact that African-Americans in Illinois are still struggling to find jobs has any relation to the fact that the state is run by corrupt officials like Durbin and Rahm Emanuel. With problems like this hitting right there at home, it might be a better idea to take that effort in fighting for a civil rights issue and actually do something for those who voted for you. But, then again, these are liberals we are dealing with. And we all know how they actually feel about helping their fellow Americans.

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