Cops Stumble on MS-13 Death Cult, Then Protects Members from ICE — This is Infuriating!

At some point you’d think the Democrats would take an objective look at themselves and say, “Hey, maybe we shouldn’t be fighting so hard to keep members of a Central American death cult in our country.” Sadly, there’s no one in the Democratic party with enough sense to give life to a thought filled with that much common sense. Instead, they’d rather protect these killers and call Trump, “Hitler!”

President Trump has been right about this from the very beginning. This country has open borders with criminals illegally pouring across at an alarming rate. If those immigrating to the United States were decent people, they wouldn’t break our laws to come here. It’s as simple as that. If a person wants to come to this country and make something of themselves, then they follow the rules and go through the proper channels.

Well, this fact became real for two Maryland state employees when they accidentally walked into a MS-13 gang lair.

Check it out, per Fox 5:

Two Purple Line workers had a gun pulled on them in October after they walked into a Silver Spring home that was being used as an MS-13 gang “Destroyer” hangout, according to police.

According to detectives, two Purple Line workers were inspecting the home at 807 University Blvd. East when they ran into two gang members and found the home filled with graffiti, trash and skeleton figures of Santa Muerte (Saint of Death).

One of the men, identified as Jesus Antonio Ponce Flores, was wearing a black mask and was holding a small black square gun pointed toward the ground.

The workers told the suspects they were working and the suspect put his gun away, according to officials. The two workers left and shortly after called police.

The Montgomery County police found the home covered in gang graffiti. The words spray-painted on the walls included “Locos” (an MS-13 identifier), “CL” (which police believe to mean Centrales Locos), and “504” (the area code for Honduras).

In a mostly empty bedroom, investigators say they found a shrine to Santa Muerte. The figure, often shown as a grim reaper-like skeleton, was lit with small candles. There was also a Halloween mask with blood painted on it, graffiti of marijuana plants, and obscene pornographic images painted on the walls.

David Lagunes-Bolanos was arrested at the home with a long machete-style fixed-blade knife, about 12-15 inches in length, found concealed in his right pant leg and secured to his waistband.

The other suspect, Ponce-Flores, was later arrested by Takoma Park police after leading them on a foot chase through an apartment complex.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement released the following statement:

ICE lodged detainers on three individuals – Jesus Ponce-Flores, David Lagunes-Bolanos, and Jose Herrera-Guzman – with the Montgomery County Detention Center. ICE officials are not permitted to screen foreign nationals booked into Montgomery County’s custody for removability, and as a result, were unable to determine the immigration status of a fourth individual who had not had any previous encounters with U.S. immigration officials. Jose Herrera-Guzman was released from custody on or about Dec. 22, without notification to ICE, even though a detainer was lodged in October.

What’s truly sick is that the Democrats and former President Obama would rather protect these criminal, satanist gang members then law-abiding citizens.

Do you think there are MS-13 gang members
in your neighborhood?