Breaking: Leading Dem Arrested at US Capitol — This is Not the First Time…

Illinois Dem Representative Luis Gutierrez was arrested just steps from the US Capitol building yesterday after joining with thousands of other protestors storming Congress steps in a bid to force them to take action on DACA.

According to sources at The Hill, Gutierrez is “one of the most vocal immigration reform advocates in the House,” and some believe that he may even be planning a future White House run in 2020. After his latest arrest, however, he has decided to step out of the political arena, at least temporarily, and announced his retirement without nominating anyone as his successor.

Despite the announcement, however, the Rep is still set to tour the country in the first half of 2018, where he is expected to build support for a future Presidential run. Should he actually decide to run, however, he is likely to face a crowded playing field as more than a dozen others also seem to be eager to take on President Trump.

In the incident outside the Capitol, Gutierrez was one of about 200 people arrested by Capitol Police, who were largely caught off guard by the sheer size of the demonstration that took place. As the Blaze explains, due to the large number of people who were taken into custody, “a makeshift processing center held those arrested before being transported by bus to the jail.”

This arrest is not the first time Rep. Gutierrez has been apprehended by the police either. Earlier this year, Gutierrez and fellow Democrat lawmaker Raul Grijalva were arrested just outside of Trump Tower after sitting in the street and blocking traffic, joining a crowd of other activists assembled to protest the election of Donald Trump to the presidency.

Gutierrez was arrested once again this summer outside the White House, where he and others gathered on the fifth anniversary of DACA to protest Trump’s actions against the policy. None of Gutierrez’s arrests have been for violent charges, but his long history of civil disobedience very well may work against him should he actually decide to throw his hat into the ring

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