JUST IN: Judge Jeanine Pirro Just Hit Hillary Clinton With Devastating News — It’s Jail Time!

In her Opening Statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro called the Hillary Clinton probe “rigged” and “as dirty as it gets” and then she said that, “[Comey] made sure Bob Mueller would be appointed so they could cover their own butts [and] point the finger at [President Trump].”

Pirro said Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered the Justice Department to allocate sufficient resources to complete a thorough investigation of the foundation.

She said the foundation engaged in pay-for-play type activities while the Clintons were in government.

Pirro mentioned several unlawful incidents involving the Clinton Foundation, including the case of Irish telecommunications magnate Dennis O’Brien.

Pirro said the Clintons contracted O’Brien to work with them to replace the destroyed telephone system in Haiti following the massive earthquake there, in exchange for foundation donations.

Regarding the Clinton email probe, Pirro said former FBI Director James Comey exonerated Clinton and made sure that Robert Mueller would become the special counsel in the Trump and Clinton probes.

She said the actions were “as dirty as it gets,” pointing to Comey’s history as a deputy attorney general and Mueller’s past FBI directorship — both of which fell while Hillary was in public office.

“[Comey] made sure Bob Mueller would be appointed so they could cover their own butts [and] point the finger at [President Trump],” she said.

If Sessions put the same amount of effort into procuring an investigation into Hillary Clinton and associates, as he has in (perhaps unwittingly) assisting the Left in their endless pursuit of unseating the POTUS based on false claims and fraudulent evidence, then no doubt a large number of persons would likely be facing criminal indictment in the not so far off future.

This is precisely the time when we need the strongest, most forcible Attorney General directing traffic and making the agencies in the Justice Department toe the mark and do their damn jobs!

The FBI, DOJ, IRS, CIA, NSA, and most other agencies PLUS both parties are swimming in sewage.

If we’re to have any faith in the law, we’ve got to start seeing it applied equally, fairly, forcefully, and speedily. Enough of petty bureaucrats directing the traffic. Put an adult in charge and move out.

Americans are beginning to agree that Sessions needs to go. Someone completely out of the realm of politics must be appointed and the confirmation pushed through. Then, and only then, will We the American People get the truth.

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