JUST IN: BOMBSHELL Documents Released — Enjoy Your Time in Prison, Hillary!

When it comes to the unfolding saga of Fusion GPS’ and the DNC’s use of a fraudulent ‘Russian Dossier’ to smear President Trump, here is what we know as established fact:

  1. The Democrat National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign (through lawyer Marc Elias) paid at least a large portion of the funding for the Dossier.
  2. Former MI6 spy Christopher Steele, who had a personal vendetta against Russian President Vladimir Putin, ‘collected’ the ‘data’ for the Dossier.
  3. On April 9, 2016, the wife of Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson traveled to the White House and met with Obama.
  4. Three days later Elias’ law firm began receiving money from the Clinton camp to fund the Dossier.
  5. In May of 2016, Nellie Ohr, wife of FBI agent Bruce Ohr, is hired by Fusion to investigate Trump.
  6. On July 5, 2016 the FBI ‘receives’ the Dossier from Fusion GPS.

The Conservative Treehouse is reporting some explosive information not being covered by any major media outlets.

According to their research and reporting, it is now known that at the same time that Steele was gathering his bogus information together for the ‘Dossier’, the National Security Agency Director, Admiral Mike Rogers, had ordered a review of certain types of FISA warrant requests.

Called ‘About Query’ requests, the motions are very hard to come by except for departments WITHIN the intelligence community that focus on national security, like the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division.

And guess who was a Deputy Director in that FBI department? Peter Strzok. This was why Grand Inquisitor Robert Mueller added him to his team of witch hunters.

Back in early 2016, Admiral Rogers began to notice highly suspicious ‘About Query’ requests involving FBI “private contractors”.

Conservative Treehouse reports that they have been “tipped off that one of the FBI contractors in question was, unbelievably, Fusion-GPS.”

Strzok, not wanting to leave his fingerprints all over the deed, had covered his tracks with the use of contractors operating under the Counterintelligence umbrella.

Alas, it has done him no good.

Admiral Rogers began digging deep and when the FBI became aware what the NSA Director was doing, it ended the ability of sub-contractors to access FISA warrant requests and the accompanying database on April 18, 2016.

This comes a week AFTER the Clinton campaign hires Fusion GPS to begin investigating Trump.

To give the ‘Russian Dossier’ the patina of a ‘genuine Russian’ appearance, Fusion hires FBI agent Bruce Ohr’s wife, Nellie, in May of 2016.

Why Nellie?

The Treehouse states, “Nellie Ohr is a subject matter expert on Russia, speaks Russian, and also is well versed on CIA operations. Nellie Ohr’s skills would include how to build or create counterintelligence frameworks to give the appearance of events that may be entirely fabricated.”

After being hired, Nellie applies for and receives a HAM radio operator license. She does this, being ‘well versed in CIA counterintelligence, to avoid electronic espionage uncovering her research and communications with unknown parties.

Thus was born the cluster of ‘scribes’ concocting the Russian Dossier and Strzok had his ‘insurance policy’.

The Treehouse summarizes their lengthy article this way:

“Yes, the FBI was working with Christopher Steele through their contractor Fusion-GPS.  Yes, the FBI and Clinton Team were, in essence, both paying Christopher Steele for his efforts.  The FBI paid Steele via their sub-contractor Fusion-GPS.

“Lastly, when the DOJ/FBI used the Steele Dossier to make their 2016 surveillance activity legal (the October FISA application), they are essentially using the outcome of a process they created themselves in collaboration with both Fusion GPS and the Clinton campaign.”

 What do you think? Is it time for people to go to jail?

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