Federal Judge Just Banged the Gavel on FUSION GPS — And Hillary’s FREAKING OUT!

It looks like the noose around the neck of Fusion GPS, and by extension former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is tightening up. A federal judge has ruled against the company in their quest to block the release of their bank records to the House Intelligence Committee.

Judge Richard Leon torched all four of Fusion’s arguments, thereby paving the way for the release of 70 transaction records involving their clients, journalists, and researchers it has paid since September of 2015.

Fusion actually sued TD Bank back in October to prevent their complying with a subpoena issued by the House Intelligence Committee. That subpoena prompted Perkins Coie, the law firm that represented the Clinton campaign and DNC, to reveal that it had hired Fusion GPS in April 2016 to investigate Trump.

Check it out, per Daily Caller:

Fusion, which was founded by three former Wall Street Journal reporters, later hired Christopher Steele, a former British spy with experience in Moscow.

Fusion argued that the court should quash the committee’s subpoena on four separate grounds.

Leon shot down all of the arguments, including Fusion’s assertion that Nunes had no grounds to issue a subpoena because he had recused himself back in April from the Russia probe.

The Intelligence committee has stated in past court filings that Fusion’s bank records show some pretty nefarious activity. Specifically, they made nine separate payments to three unidentified journalists who wrote about Russia during the presidential campaign.

Uh, yeah… that’s pretty suspicious. The whole thing about wanting to protect their banking records just goes to show that these people are guilty as sin. In political circles, if you want to get to the bottom of an issue, you just have to follow the money trail.

And in this case, we know where the money begins: at the DNC and the Clinton campaign. Now, where it ends, is anyone’s guess… But the probability that they were funneling cash to reporters manufacturing the Russia collusion story would be a good bet.

Unfortunately, Judge Leon did not set a date for when TD Bank must release the Fusion bank records.

What do you think about Fusion GPS?

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