This My Look Like a Normal Cheeseburger, But Wait Til You See How it Was Made… [PICTURES]

It’s happening. The future that was promised us in movies like Back to the Future and cartoon shows like The Jetsons is finally here.

No, we’re not talking about flying cars, more like… flying patties.

Customers of CaliBurger  in Pasadena, California are having their hamburgers cooked by a robot named Flippy, reports KTLA.

In a state with the highest minimum wage rate (and always looking to raise it), businesses are finding it much more cost efficient to introduce robots for the performance of menial tasks.

David Zito, co-founder and chief executive officer of Miso Robotics, insists that Flippy is not the beginning of the elimination of human jobs.

“This technology is not about replacing jobs – we see Flippy as that third hand,” said Zito.

“The kitchen of the future will always have people in it, but we see that kitchen as having people and robots,” said John Miller, CEO of Cali Group, the company that runs the chain.

Flippy, costing a minimum of $60,000, uses imaging technology, 3D cameras and environmental detectors (like heat sensors) to monitor the cooking of the patties and to flip them when they are cooked on one side.

A robot named Flippy is now in the kitchen at a fast food restaurant called CaliBurger in Pasadena. We were there for a preview event where Flippy made us some lunch.

“It detects the temperature of the patty, the size of the patty and the temperature of the grill surface,” explained Zito.

As with most robots, Flippy is also imbued with artificial intelligence, which means that the more burgers that Flippy flips, the smarter it gets.

Miller explains that the robot guarantees one critical aspect of a chain restaurant.

“The key to success in the restaurant industry is consistency. So anytime you go to a CaliBurger anywhere you know that the patty will be cooked exactly the same,” Miller stated.

KTLA was present for the robot’s first shift and sat down to eat a lunch prepared by Flippy. The reporter writes:

“So how was my ‘bionic’ burger? It was cooked just right and if you didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t know a robot was the chef.”

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