REVEALED: Iran’s SHOCKING New Weapons — All Courtesy of BARACK OBAMA!

Obama’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran, the infamous ‘Iran Deal’, continues to be the gift that keeps on delivering terror to the West.

In an effort to secure a ‘deal’ on limiting Iranian nuclear weapon development, Obama forked over $400 million over to Tehran in 2015. The Washington Free Beacon later noted that the amount has actually now been revealed to be nearly $33.6 billion!

With that money, Iran began to modernize its military. Last year, the Persian nation announced that it had produced a ‘suicide drone’, which was unsettling news.

Fast forward to Monday when the ‘Death to America’ nation announced that it has developed a drone capable of carrying a powerful smart bomb. The Beacon reports that the drones, “dubbed the Mohajer 6, are ‘equipped with the smart Qa’em precision-striking bombs and different electro-optical explorers and different warheads, [and] can trace, intercept and destroy the target.’”

Iranian officials stated that the new drone can destroy immobile and mobile targets during the day and night and can infiltrate various military installations and facilities.

The drones, according to Iranian officials quoted by The Times of Israel, will be embedded with units of the Revolutionary Guard.

Since 2015, Iran has been able to produce drones capable of reaching Israel. Two years later, a drone operated by Hezbollah (a puppet of Iran) was shot down by a Patriot missile, so the news that the strike capabilities of the drones have jumped in lethality are indeed worrying for the Jewish State.

The threat, however, does not end there.

With American troops and allies in Iraq and Syria now under the umbrella of a precision military strike, it can rightfully be stated that Obama has jeopardized the lives of our troops and pushed the region closer to a more brutal conflagration in the future.

What do you think? Is this yet another example of Obama’s treasonous ways?

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