Melania’s Heartwarming Gesture at Children’s Hospital Will Put a Smile on Your Face — This is AWESOME!

The President traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio on February 5 to continue promoting the GOP ‘Tax Cuts and Jobs’ Act passed late last year. While there, First Lady Melania spent time, like she has so often on other trips across the country and over in Europe, visiting sick children at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, reports

As she toured the hospital with White House advisor Kellyanne Conway, the First Lady stopped to talk to children and their parents. When Melania came across Cole Baughman, a second-grader who has been a patient since birth, the First Lady learned from the child that her family and her would be visiting Washington, D.C. soon. Melania told Baughman “Make sure you come visit me when you come to D.C.”


The father of Cole, Nathan, told

“She was really interested in the kids. She was pleasant with Megan and I, but she got down at the kids’ level and was really talking to both of them.”

This was not Melania’s only kind gesture. As she made her way through the hospital, she gave official White House Valentine’s Day cards to the children and was even photographed holding a gorgeous little girl who reached out for the First Lady.

The hospital, CNN reports, has a noted medical wing of pediatrics and neonatology, which helps care for children born with neonatal abstinence syndrome [NAS] resulting from parents victimized by the opioid epidemic. The hospital’s president and CEO, Michael Fisher, briefed Melania “about Ohio’s critical opioid epidemic and how the hospital is handling the spike in babies born” with NAS.

What do you think? How great has Melania been as First Lady?

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