Leading ‘Never Trumper’ Makes HUGE Confession — “I Was WRONG…”

Color me unduly suspicious, but I do not trust the likes of Rich “Dick” Lowry and NEVER will.

He has been an unhinged acerbic critic of the President from the beginning, shamelessly trotting out every libelous adjective he could find in a thesaurus while typing out his philippics for faux conservative websites.

So when Right Scoop, Politico and the National Review go about parading him as a convert to elements of Trumpism, I will digest the ‘news’ with a heavy dose of skepticism.

The Right Scoop recently ran an article with the headline, ‘Never Trumper Rich Lowry: I was WRONG about Trump… [VIDEO]’ in which it is pointed out that the weasel Lowry says he was wrong in saying that the President would push an unorthodox (i.e. right-wing extremist) agenda and confesses that it has been a ‘more conventional GOP’ platform.

Lowry says this on the video posted by Right Scoop, but he elaborated on his assessment a bit more in a Politico article when he wrote:

“Trump’s presidency operates on a largely separate track than his Twitter feed and his other off-script interjections and pronouncements. His domestic policy is so conventional that it could have been cooked up by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnelland, in fact, it was. He’s pursued a largely status quo foreign policy, except more cautious than Barack Obama’s and, especially, George W. Bush’s.”

Lowry is being deceitful in his ‘professed apology’ and Right Scoop is buying into the fraud.

What Lowry is doing is attempting to drive a wedge between Trump and his base by conflating aspects of the President’s agenda into an inferred selling-out of Trump principles.

By equating the small episodes of bread crumbs handed to traitors Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan (e.g. the tax bill) to the entirety of the President’s platform, Lowry is intentionally plotting to weaken support for Trump among those who voted for him.

The attack on the President continues with Lowry’s second confessional.

The disgusting journo states that he thought the President would have tempered his opinions on Twitter over time, but instead, he says Trump has used the social media tool to propagate a “miasma of manufactured controversies, lurid distractions and conspiracy theories,” according to his article in Politico.

Another wedge is being driven by a pseudo-conservative hack more concerned with appearing on the sophomoric MSPMS ‘Morning Joe’ show than defending the principles he confesses to have.

This time the wedge is targeting what has become a successful Trump tool for working around the Propaganda Machine’s unending spinning of lies: Twitter.

Lowry is being left in the dust heap of obscurity by Trump’s successful political branding campaign and he is enraged by it. The wimpy pundit assumes he is smarter than Trump, much like the media has always thought they were more learned than the President, so he thinks he can craft his vengeance by being an obsequious servant to the Deep State.

Right Scoop and National Review may not know what you are up to Lowry, but we at Politics Focus do.

Your time will come Lowry. Until then enjoy the Morning Joe Kool-Aid.


What do you think? Is Lowry a stooge for the Deep State?

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