Doctors Laud Positive Effects of LSD in Groundbreaking Study… Others Say They’re “Trippin'”

LSD is perhaps the most widely known of the psychodelic drugs which rose to popularity in the 1960’s, but now some scientists are looking to it as a potential miracle cure for people with severe mental issues.

According to IFL Science a study conducted by Selen Atasoy from Pompeu Fabra University in Spain and published in Scientific Reports claims that doses of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) given to patients suffering from mental illnesses showed an apparent promise in ‘harmonizing’ the brain through neural re-wiring that the drug fuels.

Atasoy used fMRI scans on a dozen patients to study the interaction of LSD with the process of connectome-harmonic decomposition, which occurs in many forms of mental health problems.

“We applied a new analysis, a harmonic decoding of fMRI data, which looks at neural activity in a new way; as a combination of harmonic waves in the brain that we call ‘connectome harmonics’,” Atasoy told PsyPost.

Atasoy found that patients given LSD were shown to have developed neural connections between parts of the brain that typically do not work together.

How this translates into a cure is not explicitly explained. If anything, the occurrence should give researchers like Atasoy pause because the brain is a complex organ. Opening pathways that do not exist in nature may be opening Pandora’s Box.


The study also tied the use of music to the drug therapy.

IFL Science reports that some “of the participants were given LSD doses after hearing music, with LSD previously being shown to enhance emotional responses to instrumental tracks. Listening to music seemed to amplify the effects of LSD, described as being ‘similar to jazz improvisation,’ according to Atasoy.”

“It suggests,” continues the website, “that psychedelic substances like LSD encourage the brain to develop patterns of activity, which may help recovery from disordered connections caused by mental illness. This process slowed down as the effects of LSD wore off, but some degree of reorganization remained.”

The CIA used LSD as far back as the 1950s in an attempt to either create mind control powers or develop the ability to create extreme behavioral problems. Infamous Boston crime boss James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger Jr often attributed his violent behavior and life of crime to being submitted to MKULTRA.

Cases like Bulger’s has not dissuaded Atasoy.

“I feel that as Western societies we generally tend to label and marginalize mental illness instead of seeing it as a rather normal reaction to extreme and abnormal circumstances,” Atasoy added in his interview with PsyPost.

“I think this study was an important step towards understanding the effect of LSD, and potentially other psychedelics, in terms of energy, frequency and the repertoire of brain states.”

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