BOMBSHELL Discovery Made on Weiner’s Laptop — This is NOT Going Away…

Is it not disturbing that the identity of a Central Intelligence Agency operative is found on the laptop belonging to the husband of a Muslim woman whose family has disturbing ties to Muslim terrorist organizations and advocates for Sharia Law?

If it is, then should not Huma Abedin and her ex-husband be at least arrested on charges of mishandling classified information?

The Gateway Pundit reports, via Judicial Watch, that the State Department’s ‘Friday dump’ of requested emails on December 29, 2017 contained eight previously undisclosed classified messages and thirteen others that involved classified information found on the Weiner laptop computer. “This classified material includes,” writes Pundit, “discussions about Saudi Arabia, The Hague, Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe, the identity of a CIA official, Malawi, the war in Syria, Lebanon, Hamas, and the PLO.”

All of these topics have direct impacts on the Muslim world, a region the Abedin family seems to care more about than they country they reside in.

Tom Fitton, the CEO of Judicial Watch, remarked:

“The classified material included the identity of a CIA official. I don’t need to tell you why we protect the identities of our intelligence officials. They’re doing clandestine work. You don’t want the other side to know who they are, that they work for CIA. It is exceedingly dangerous. Abedin kept this information in an insecure location-her husband’s laptop.”

Yeah, probably right next to his favorite batch of crotch-shots he likes to send to underage girls.

Not ONE news network is mentioning this obvious act of treason!

Remember the outrage that greeted the President when he, rightfully invested in Presidential powers, shared intelligence information on ISIS with the Russians in May of 2017?

Back then, Democrats were screaming about the sacredness of classified information.

The Guardian quoted Chuck “Putin is My Donut Buddy” Schumer as exclaiming:

“Revealing classified information at this level is extremely dangerous and puts at risk the lives of Americans and those who gather intelligence for our country. The president owes the intelligence community, the American people, and Congress a full explanation.”

Nancy Pelosi, the human stick of beef jerky, chimed in:

“Even if President Trump unwittingly blew a highly classified codeword source to the Russians, that would be dangerous enough. If the president outed a highly classified codeword source intentionally, that would be even more dangerous.”

The story turned out to be ‘fake news’. As the Politico reported, Trump’s National Security Advisor, H.R. ‘Mr. Clean’ McMaster said he was at the meeting and what was reported in the media ‘did not happen’.

Even if it did, the Politico writes that it would not matter:

“The president is authorized by law to make public any and all classified information he or she sees fit — so anything that Trump may have shared of a classified nature was his prerogative.”

Since the revelations involving Abedin and Schumer buddy Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner, Schumer and Pelosi have remained uncharacteristically quiet.

Maybe that is for the best. I want to clearly hear Abedin’s screams as she is dragged off to jail.

What do you think? Should Huma Abedin be arrested?

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