After Clean Bill of Health, TV Dr. Diagnoses Trump with Heart Disease — IMMEDIATELY Gets the Beat Down of His LIFE!

The looney left isn’t known for losing gracefully, and now that the latest doctor’s reports show that President Trump has an excellent bill, of health many are still refusing to admit they were wrong about our Commander-in-Chief’s physical condition.

Quack medical analyst Sanjay Gupta appeared on CNN with host Alisyn Camerota to call President Trump “borderline obese,” in spite of the medical evidence presented, and also predicted the President would have a heart attack in “3-5 years.”  The host also called into question the President’s height, saying “somehow he has grown while being in the White House,” and stated that President Trump was only “point-one away from being in the obese category.”

Unfortunately for Gupta and Camerota, however, Dr. Kevin O’Connor was also on hand. O’Connor, who had previously served as personal physician to ex-Vice Pres Joe Biden, told the duo that the medical report provided by the White House “seems to be reassuring.” He went on to say that there is, of course, room for improvement for the President. Like the rest of us, the President can use more sleep and can do with a bit more exercise, but Dr. O’Connor assured viewers that the current White House physician already had plans in place for this.

Dr. O’Connor’s assurances, however, did little to dissuade the CNN lackeys, who immediately jumped into a discussion of the President’s heart, telling their viewers that President Trump most certainly had heart disease and that he needed to be put on medication for it.

O’Connor once more, however, shot down the ridiculous assumptions. “They’re not the coronary vessels that he was born with,” the doctor explained, “but the function of his heart was better addressed by the stress echo and they were reassuring numbers.” And as for the emergency medication that the president needed to be placed on, well, it turns out Dr. O’Connor says  “he’s on an anti-cholesterol medication. And it sounds like Dr. Jackson’s going to increase the dose of that, which is appropriate. He’s on a baby aspirin a day, which is appropriate.”

Baby aspirin and a lack of sleep, to libs, are apparently signs of an impending catastrophic heart attack it seems. These people really do live in a dream world, but I guess we just need to let them continue to live in their little fantasy lands, playing make-believe and patting each other on the back while the rest of the world goes on without them.

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