A Chilling Look Inside Italian Exorcism Task Force… Investigates 500k Cases a Year!

If you thought exorcisms were just a thing of the movies or of days past, you’ve been greatly mistaken. Sadly, there are so many cases now that a full task force has been created to handle all of the cases.

If Hollywood ever remakes ‘The Exorcist’, the team of demon-purgers will have to include not only an old priest and a young priest, but an iPad as well.

PJ Media reports that Italian churches are experiencing a plague of requests for exorcisms and have increasingly relied upon an online site to dispatch assessment teams to reported sites.

Called ‘The Order of Exorcists’, the site contains a “Contact us” form that asks for such things as the names of people involved, what kind of help they are looking for, as well as complete contact information.

Once the information is gathered, a team of investigators spends a few weeks in trying to find medical, psychological or drug-related reasons for the behavior. The entire process is video-recorded, photographed and involves medical officials to assist in the screening.

The results of the assessment are sent to the Chief Exorcist who then determines if the ritual is needed. If it is, a priest is then assigned to the case.

With around 500,000 reported cases of exorcism a year in Italy, the prep work offered by The Order of Exorcists saves the Catholic Church much time and money. But Italy is not alone in seeing more cases of possible demon possession, which is why the Order has teams present in 24 countries.

There is no direct affiliation between The Order of Exorcists and the Catholic Church. The online organization actually began in “1980 as Saint Michaels Catholic Parish, ‘a small Independent Traditional ‘Old’ Roman Catholic Parish, located in Highland Park, California,’ the website explains.” Almost immediately, the church began to receive exorcism requests outside its diocesan area, so the following year it established a separate full-time exorcism ministry called “The Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel — Order of Exorcists.

On its website The Order of Exorcists site has published one of its most interesting and unnerving cases titled “EXORCISM CASE NUMBER: 2272182.”

In this case, the exorcist involved tells of a man emerging from the shadows to confront the priest.  “What are you doing here? You have no business in this neighborhood,” the man said and then disappeared.

During the exorcism, the priest reported seeing shadows moving along the walls, heard a woman screaming and objects smashing against the walls from outside the room.

When he entered the room he reports that “the possessed was sitting on the floor with a comb in her hand, scratching and cutting herself with the comb, while screaming and laughing at the top of her lungs. Her stepfather and mother helped me to place her on a mattress that was laying on the floor. She was only twenty years old but appeared wrinkled like she was over hundred [sic], had a gray pallor, and a horrible stench.”

“I began the exorcism ritual and asked the demon to identify himself,” he recalled, then the mother had a heart attack. She died on the way to the hospital. After getting her to the hospital, he reentered the room, where “the temperature dropped thirty degrees.”

Like the Linda Blair character in ‘The Exorcist’, the possessed girl also taunted the priest and reportedly said, “Hell is waiting for you and I know how to take you down. Do you want to die, die, die? I’ll kill you now!”

Cases like this are labor intensive and emotionally demanding, which is why the services offered by The Order are so beneficial for the Church. Thanks to technology, those suffering from possible possession can get help quicker and in an expert fashion.

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