BREAKING NEWS OUT OF DC: GOP Summons Comey to Capitol Hill — Dirty Cops Are Freaking Out!

House Republicans have set their sights on former FBI Director James Comey and are letting their fingers fondle the trigger. As a part of the Republican-led probe into the handling of the Clinton email investigation, the Judiciary and Oversight Committee has prepared a list of witnesses and dirty cop Comey is on it.

Comey’s testimony raises the stakes of the battle on Capitol Hill between Democrats and Republicans over special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia in the 2016 presidential election.

“I think that would be essential,” said Representative Matt Gaetz. “We’re going to have to find out from James Comey why the normal procedures were ignored in this case.”

Check it out from CNN Politics:

Rep. Trey Gowdy, who is one of two chairmen leading the probe as head of the Oversight Committee, told CNN he expected to interview Comey “toward the end” of the investigation, declining to estimate when that would be. 

“The one variable I have no control over is the availability of witnesses,” Gowdy said.

The Oversight and Judiciary committees held their first joint interview as part of the probe into the Clinton case last month, when Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe testified behind closed doors for more than eight hours two days after Gowdy and Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte invited him to appear.

Comey has also appeared on Capitol Hill already to talk about the email investigation when he testified in September 2016 before the House Oversight Committee, which was then led by former Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah.
Since then, new details have emerged, such as Strzok’s text messages and his role in editing Comey’s public statement on Clinton.

Now, remember that after Mr. Comey was fired by President Trump, the three congressional committees investigating Russia all sought Comey’s testimony. Comey chose only to appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Will that sad situation be repeated once more?

The committees do have the authority to subpoena Comey to compel his testimony.

Do you think Comey will be charged with a crime?

What about “Crooked” Hillary Clinton?