Democrat Representative JUST ARRESTED at U.S. Capitol — Liberals Are In Shock!

Between Senator Al Franken, Representative John Conyers, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democrats just cannot catch a break! Week after week, some donkey in a blue suit is either going to jail, becomes the target of a sexual abuse allegation, or has to lawyer up over the some stunt to subvert justice.

Well, just add Illinois Democrat Luis Gutierrez to the mix! He was arrested yesterday in a DACA protest on the steps of Congress. Of course, this isn’t the first time that Gutierrez has been arrested. He went to jail once for protesting outside of Trump Tower and in another instance when he caused a disturbance in front of the U.S. Capitol Building.

Check it out, per Daily Caller:

The sitting member of Congress joined members of the Service Employee’s International Union (SEIU) as they stormed the steps of Congress to demand action on DACA. Both chambers currently are considering a bipartisan measure to replace the order that allowed temporary protected status to illegal residents nationwide.

“Congress refuses to act, and it’s killing us,” one protester told The Daily Caller News Foundation. Union leaders on the ground declined a request for comment for the story.

The group promised as many as 200 individuals would be arrested in a “civil disobedience action.” Those who pledged ahead of time to volunteer for arrest wore green gloves and green armbands and were ushered to the front of the line.

Capitol Police appeared unprepared for such a huge number of arrests but the force was quickly able to adapt, surrounding the protesters before giving the customary three warnings to disperse before legal action would be taken. Those who opted for arrest were taken to a makeshift processing center near the Capitol visitor center before they were ultimately loaded up in buses. Neither handcuffs nor flexible restraints were used on the somewhat peaceful crowd.

Here’s some more via The Hill:

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Ill.), one of the most vocal immigration reform advocates in the House, reportedly won’t run for reelection.

Three Democratic sources told Politico that Gutiérrez plans to announce Tuesday that he’s pulling his nominating petitions for the seat.

With Guttierrez announcing that he won’t run for reelection in the 2018 mid-term cycle, it must mean that the rumors are true. There has been speculation for sometime that he intends to challenge incumbent President Donald Trump in 2020.

Yeah, good luck with that! He’s going to have to bond out of jail first…

Rep Luis Gutierrez Arrested In Capitol Hill Protest [VIDEO]

What you think of Rep. Luis Gutierrez getting arrested? Is it just par for the course?

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