She Just Discovered the COLD HARD TRUTH about Dirty Washington Politics — Hang in There, Girl!

First Daughter Ivanka Trump has been working hard to throw out the old school Washington playbook and turn the tired Republican-versus-Democrat contest on it’s head. With a portfolio of bipartisan ideas, she’s lobbying both conservatives and liberals to advance her family-first agenda…

Unfortunately, she’s discovered a cruel truth about the Washington fat cats. All they care about is politics and perception, and that’s true on either side of the aisle.

“I’m no longer surprised,” Ivanka Trump said. “I think that there are always people that will not move off of their talking points and then there are a lot of people who will,” Trump said. “You have to find the people who will; that’s how you build coalitions.”

Here’s the scoop from USA Today:

She thought Democrats would join her in trying to move the agenda forward — after all, these were issues they had been championing for years and the president had just campaigned on some of them. But Democrats said her plan did not go far enough and while still discussing the issues with her, they have largely avoided teaming up with her. So the former businesswoman has turned to conservatives to try to make a deal.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Ken Orbeck, a proud supporter of the president, said when USA TODAY asked what he thought about Ivanka Trump’s push for paid family leave. “What has destroyed the United States? A loss of our family.”

As for the politics of it, conservative members of Congress like Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), who chairs the House Freedom Caucus, told USA Today that he’s met with Trump several times about topics “that conservatives would normally not be in favor of.” However, he reportedly noted, “She makes very compelling cases.”

So, basically, for the Democrats her ideas about paid family leave aren’t far to the left enough. And they don’t want to be perceived as “working with the enemy.” For the conservative lawmakers, her ideas aren’t far enough to the right!

But isn’t this country about compromise? Aren’t we at our best when we can find some middle ground and work with each other?

President Trump, and by extension his daughter, represent a firm commitment to what’s best for America… Not just what’s “conservative” or “Republican,” this is about everyone who lives in the United States!

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bipartisan push for paid family leave?

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