Trump Just Delivered the DEATHBLOW to the Democratic Party — It’s OVER!

Every bit of good news about America drives another nail in the coffin of the elitest Democrats in Washington, and this bit of good news is no different.

The latest numbers from the ISM Manufacturing Index have just come in, and they show that President Trump’s promise to Make America Great Again is going according to plan. According to the most recent report, American manufacturing is expanding at a more rapid pace than expected and is experiencing one of the fastest rates of growth since 2004. 

This, of course, is DEVASTATING news for the Dems, who pinned all their hopes and dreams on the administration failing to deliver, but once again the President has proven himself to be a master economist and followed through on the commitment he made to this country.

To match the expanding abilities of American manufacturing, the administration was also proud to report that American export orders also climbed to their highest number since April of 2011, and productivity in the fourth quarter of 2017 hit a level not seen since 2010.

President Trump made a promise to the American people that he was going to bring jobs back to the United States and make us a competitor on the world stage once again, and these latest numbers offer concrete proof that our Commander-in-Chief is a man of his word.

For the Dems, these key victories are impacting their base of hardworking, blue collar Americans. In one year, Trump’s been able to do things that Obama wasn’t able to do in eight!

Several major companies are also coming back to the United States, bringing with them much needed jobs and opportunities for Americans who have been struggling and out of work for years. Tech giant Apple has already promised a return to the states, bringing with it more than $400 billion in tax revenue for the government and thousands of jobs, and dozens of other companies have pledged to return from overseas to take part in the re-invigoration of our nation.

And these jobs have had solid results too: the American unemployment rate is at its lowest point since 2000.

Democrats promised over and over again that President Trump would ruin the American economy and plunge us into a depression the likes of which have never been seen before. As it turns out, however, the President has managed to create one of the strongest American economies in decades in just one year in office.

Time will only tell what else President Trump has in store for the country, but it seems certain that he is indeed living up to his promise of Making America Great Again.

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