Revealed: Federal “Minimum Wage” for Govt Employees — This is Infuriating!

When President Trump first announced he was planning to drain the swamp once he got into office, few were aware of just how deep that swamp went. A new website called, however, seeks to change that and lets Americans know, zip code by zip code, just how much the federal workers in their area are making.

According to the information available, more than  330,000 employees received hefty bonuses during the 2016 fiscal year, and, unsurprisingly, the people in Washington DC seemed to receive the largest amount of the extra cash. Federal employees in just four ZIP codes around our nation’s capital collected a whopping $85 million in bonus payments in addition to their already hefty salaries, which comes out to a jaw-dropping $18.3 billion.

A manager for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in New York City was one of the highest on the list, however, bringing in a total of $249,255 for the year. That’s over $19,000 more than what Vice President Joe Biden made in the same amount of time, but shockingly she wasn’t alone. A quick search shows that EPA managers in other cities made similar salaries, leading some to question why they were earning such a large paycheck when those running the country weren’t even making as much.

What the website doesn’t show are the non-monetary payments that federal workers are also receiving, which are still contributing to the massive taxpayer debt that is required to upkeep such a bloated system. According to Fox News, “after just three years [on the job], a federal civil servant can receive 43 days of paid time off – that’s 10 holidays, 13 sick days, and 20 vacation days. We estimate these benefits cost taxpayers $22.6 billion per year overall.”

In addition to all of this, there is also $125 billion in pension payouts each year which are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act, and therefore out of the reach of the website. What the website does show, however, is that federal employees are raking in some serious cash year after year, and while we all know that there is a definite need for government employees, we also think it might be advisable to “trim the fat” so to speak, and start reducing the federal budget by cutting down on the massive amounts that we dole out to those on the government payroll on an annual basis.

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